Welcome to the first stage of Totalfit App Testing.
We are so happy to introduce you first features of Totalfit Mobile App.
Make sure that App is available on your device and you registered.
Start from any Single Workout that you like more.
Choose and complete any workout. Start using App. Try to imagine that you are new user and doesn't know anything about Totalfit.
After completing workout go to survey form bellow and answer questions.
Tell us about your experience
Fill this survey after completing all tasks above
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How simple was to find single workout for you?
How simple was your User Experience?
Did you skip any part of workout?
Did you set healthy lifestyle habit?
Did you read story?
Did you read wisdom of the day?
Is it understandable for you what means every icon of hexagon?
Please describe your process of using the App? What do you like?
Write about errors or things you didnt like
Write something else that you think is important
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